Utah Community Health Indicators Report

Published: August 2004

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Executive Summary/Brochure: Executive Summary/Brochure
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Cover Page
Title Page
Table of Contents
A Guide to This Report
Injury and Violence -Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Deaths
-Unintentional Injury Deaths
Mental Health -Suicide
-Poor Mental Health Days
Lifestyle Risk -Cigarette Smoking
-Overweight or Obese
-Regular Physical Activity
-Binge Drinking
-Binge Drinking Among Adolescents
Responsible Sexual Behavior -HIV/AIDS
-Unintended Pregnancies
-Adolescent Births
Environmental Quality -Air Quality
-Childhood Exposure to Secondhand Smoke
-Foodbourne Illness: Salmonella
-Foodbourne Illness: E. coli O157:H7
Immunization -Childhood Immunization 4:3:1:3:3
-Adult Influenza Immunization
Access to Health Care -Health Insurance Coverage
-Prenatal Care
-Asthma Hospitalization Among Children
-Diabetes Hospitalization Among Adults
-Pneumonia/Influenza Hospitalization Among Seniors
-Regular Source of Care
Chronic Conditions -Coronary Heart Disease Deaths
-Stroke Deaths
-All Cancer Deaths
-Lung Cancer Deaths
-Female Breast Cancer Deaths
-Colorectal Cancer Deaths
-Hepatitis A
Healthy Births -Infant Deaths
-Low Birth Weight
Children in Poverty -Childhood Poverty
Overall Health Status -Life Expectancy at Birth
-Poor Physical Health Days
Technical Notes
Community Key Maps

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