Utah BRFSS Small Area Report, 2001-2005

Published: June 2007

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Guide to This Report
Utah BRFSS Measures Small Area Findings, 2001-2005
Health Status
  1. Fair or Poor Health
  2. Poor Physical Health
  3. Poor Mental Health
  4. Doctor-diagnosed Diabetes
  5. Current Doctor-diagnosed Asthma
  6. Doctor-diagnosed Arthritis
  7. Doctor-diagnosed High Blood Pressure
  8. Doctor-diagnosed High Cholesterol
  9. Activity Limitation
Access to Health Care
  1. Health Care Coverage
  2. Primary Care Provider
  1. HIV Testing
  2. Sigmoidoscopy or Colonoscopy
Addictive or Abused Substances
  1. Current Cigrette Smoking
  2. Binge Drinking
  3. Chronic Drinking
Physical Activity and Nutrition
  1. Physical Inactivity
  2. Recommended Physical Activity
  3. Overweight or Obese
  4. Obese
  5. Two or More Fruits per Day
  6. Three or More Vegetables per Day
Appendix A: Small Area BRFSS Summary Table
Appendix B: How Small Areas Were Designated
Appendix C: Small Area Definitions and Key Maps
Appendix D: Small Area Demographic Summary Table
Appendix E: Demographic Characteristics by Small Area
Appendix F: Methodology
Appendix G: BRFSS Questions Used in This Report

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