Health Status by Race and Ethnicity

Published: May 2005

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Cover Page
Title Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Guide to This Report
Demographic Context -Age Distribution of the Population
-Death Rates
-Life Expectancy at Birth
-Years of Potential Life Lost
-Child Poverty
Health Care Services and Systems -Health Insurance Coverage
-Adequacy of Health Insurance
-Usual Source of Care
-Routine Medical Care Visits
-Average Number of Medical Visits
-Pap Test
-Prostate Cancer Screening
-Blood Cholesterol Screening
-High Blood Pressure Awareness
-Prenatal Care
-Immunization - Influenza, Adults
Risk Factors for Illness -Overweight of Obese
-Daily Fruit Consumption
-Daily Vegetable Consumption
-No Physical Activity
-Recommended Physical Activity
-Cigarette Smoking
-Chronic Drinking
-Binge Drinking
-DUI (Driving Under the Infuence)
-Seat Belt Use
Health Problems of Mothers and Infants -Infant Mortality
-Infant Mortality Related to Birth Defects
-Low Birth Weight
-Adolescent Births
-Overall Birth Defects
-Folic Acid Consumption
-Neural Tube Defects
-Orofacial Clefts
-Congenital Heart Defects
Infectious Diseases -Hepatitis A
Injury & Violence -Injury Incidence
-Unintentional Injury Deaths
-Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Deaths
-Work-related Injury Deaths
Chronic Diseases and Conditions -Fair/Poor Health
-Physical Health Status
-Mental Health Status
-Arthritis Prevalence
-Asthma Prevalence
-Diabetes Prevalence
-Diabetes Deaths
-Coronary Heart Disease Prevalence
-Coronary Heart Disease Deaths
-Stroke Deaths
Cancer -Lung Cancer Incidence
-Lung Cancer Deaths
-Colorectal Cancer Incidence
-Colorectal Cancer Deaths
-Breast Cancer Incidence (Females)
-Breast Cancer Deaths (Females)
-Prostate Cancer Incidence (Males)
-Prostate Cancer Deaths (Males)
Appendices: References

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