Digital Health Service Commission Meetings


Utah Digital Health Service Commission Meetings

  • September 3, 2015 Agenda |Pending Minutes | Audio

Handouts:Briefing the new ONC HIE Grant by Teresa Rivera,á Update on Utah Health IT Strategic Plan: 2015-2020 by Wyatt Packer, Project Report on The Shared Identification Services for Utahns - former Statewide Master Person Index Project by Juliana Preston, Revision of the Administrative Rule R436-13-2. Identify Verification of Individuals Receiving Health Care Services by Richard Oborn, SIMD Grant Report: Progress and the Community Health IT Retreat by Iona Thraen,á

Handouts:Utah's HIT Strategic Plan (Presentation) and Utah's HIT Strategic Plan (Document) by Wyatt Packer, Better, Smarter, Healthier by Michael J. McCoy, MD, FACOG, Chief Health Information Officer, The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

Handouts:Utah Health IT Vision, Principles, and Priorities by Wu Xu, R436-13-2. Identity Verification of Individuals Receiving Health Care Services and Rule Amendment Addressing Identity Verification by Richard Oborn, Utah State Innovation Grant by Iona Thraen

The SIM Design Grant by Iona Thraen, Public Health Records: A catalyst for Patient Engagement? by Deepthi Rajeev, VA's Patient Health Portal (MyHealtheVet) by Rand Rupper, Engaging Patients with the Health Hub and MyHealth (Provider Patient Portals) by Tammy Richards, Regence Patient Portal for Utah by Mark Hiatt

September 4, 2014 Agenda | Minutes | Audio

USIIS Immunization Registry (MU) by Jyl Bosone, Electronic Lab Reporting (ELR) by Susan Mottice, Syndromic Surveillance Data (MU) by Jon Reid, Cancer Registry - Meaningful Use (MU) by Carol Sweeny

Handouts:Surescripts Updates [1,2] by Ken Majkowski, Stakeholders' Perspective (University of Utah Health Care) by Craig Herzog, E-Prescribing Amendments (explained by Rich Oborn)

Handouts: DHSC Recommendation Letter by Deb LaMarche, Preparation for DHSC Act's Sunset Review by Wu Xu, Statewide Master Person Index project update by Jeff Duncan, ONC Interoperatbility and Exchange Roadmap Collaboration by Jan Root

Handouts: Getting HIE to Work as Expected by Sid Thornton , Role of HIE's in Healthcare's Future by Jan Root, and Maryland's HIE and Alignment with Payment and Delivery Reform Initiatives by Scott´Afzal

Handouts: IT Security of PHI by Weston Tolman, Risk Assessments by James McCartney, Nebraska's HIE Cyber Security by Joni Bass