e-Health Community Meetings

E-health technologies have evolved significantly in recent years, bringing unprecedented opportunities for coordination in protecting and improving the health of individuals.? E-health community meetings are being planned in each health district around the state to bring health professionals and partners together to join in an exchange on the challenges, successes, hopes and concerns about the future of e-Health.

Consumer Focus Groups
CHIE Consumer Focus Groups_Report 07302013.pdf

e-Health State Profile

?2012 | 2011??

Bear River Community

Community Profile

Central Utah Community

Community Profile?

Davis County Community?

?? Meeting Invitation | Agenda
?? Community Profile?
?? Patient Focus Group Results
Salt Lake County Community
?? Salt Lake County eHealthy Profile
Southwest Community?
?? Southwest County eHealthy Profile
Southeast Community
??? Community Profile
Summit Community
??? Community Profile
Tooele Community
??? Community Profile
Tri County Community
??? Community Profile
Utah County Community
?? Community Pro
Wasatch Community
??? Community Profile
Weber-Morgan Community
?? Community Profile

?? Weber-Morgan Patient Focus Group Results
?? Meeting Invitation |Agenda


If you would like more information about past or future e-Health Community Meetings

please contact Anna Dillingham at adillingham@ualhd.org or 801.875.0678