The Utah Governor?s Health Innovation Summit

Utah Solutions for a Healthy Economy and Community

Friday September 30, 2011, Grand America Hotel????????????????????????????????????????????????????? News Release


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Opening Session

Welcome and Introduction: W. David Patton, Executive Director, Utah Department of Health

Introductory Remarks, Edmund Haislmaier, Senior Research Fellow, The Heritage Foundation

Opening Keynote Speech by Governor Gary R. Herbert

?Utah?s Health Vision: Innovation, Strategies, Results???? [Audio File]

General Session: CEO Roundtable. When Compassion Meets Economic Reality: The New Healthcare Landscape

The intent of this panel is to illustrate how the combination of macro economic, government and market pressures are impacting the direction of the healthcare policy discussion. This context will help us better understand the tough decisions businesses, governments and consumers must make with regards to healthcare policy. Mr. McKeown will introduce the topic by giving an overview of current pressures faced by our society. He will then facilitate a robust conversation with our panelists that will include audience participation in the form of Q&A. The panelists represent the viewpoints of CEO?s concerned about balancing the health and well-being of their employees with ever increasing healthcare costs, a clinician and healthcare leaders seeking to improve health outcomes in a rapidly changing health system, and policy expert who can interpret the impact of regulatory reactions and economic reality.????????? [Audio File]

Introduction/Moderator: Rich McKeown, President/CEO, Leavitt Partners (Presentation)

Scott Hymas, CEO, RC Willey
Linda Leckman, CEO, Intermountain Healthcare Medical Group
Andrew Croshaw, Managing Director, Health Care Practice, Leavitt Partners

Recap of takeaways: Wesley Smith, Director of Public Policy, Salt Lake Chamber

Breakout Sessions: Utah Innovations

Goal of the breakout sessions is to highlight current efforts intended to alleviate some of the healthcare challenges facing the business community and how these efforts are targeted for improved outcomes in cost, quality and access.

Breakout Session 1
The Utah Health Exchange: What does it do for Business

This presentation will review how Utah's reform efforts have focused on helping small businesses provide health insurance as a benefit to their employees. The main focus will be on the Utah Health Exchange's defined contribution health benefit program, a new affordable option for health insurance.????? [Audio File]

?Rep. David Clark, Utah State Legislature
?Patty Connor, Director, Utah Health Exchange, the Governor?s Office of Economic Development???
?Norman Thurston, Health Reform Implementation Coordinator for the State of Utah

?Questions and Answers

?Moderator: Greg Matis, SelectHealth

Breakout Session 2
Health Information and the Value Added for Business and the Community

This update will provide timely information on the status of innovative health care initiatives and opportunities for technology and information to transform Utah's health care system. Attendees will learn about recent developments affecting care delivery groups, gaining a deeper understand of these resources and their impact on the day-to-day activities of medical group practices and consumers.????? [Audio File]

?Marc Bennett , President/CEO, HealthInsight (Presentation)
?Robert T Rolfs, Deputy Director, Utah Department of Health (Presentation)
?Scott Barlow, CEO, Central Utah Clinic (Presentation)

?Moderator: Jake Logan, UnitedHealth Group

?Breakout Session 3
?How Business can Control Healthcare Costs and Improve Employees? Health

Hear innovative and effective ways businesses are helping manage employees' health benefits and group wellness programs. Active involvement by businesses in employee health and wellness is an important aspect of controlling healthcare costs and keeping employees healthy. This session will provide examples of strategies and approaches to health and wellness as well as other ways employers can play a positive role in controlling healthcare costs.?????? [Audio File]

?Lynda Jeppesen, Sr.VP, Larry H. Miller Companies (Presentation)
?Donna L. Milavetz, Founder/CEO, OnSite Care (Presentation)
?Earl Hurst, President, Moreton & Company (Presentation)

?Moderator: Jennifer Cannaday, Regence

?Lunch Keynote Speaker

?Michael O. Leavitt, Former Governor of Utah and Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health??
?and?Human Services, Chairman, Leavitt Partners

?Beehive State to Beltway Fate: What Utah Can do to Improve National??
?Health Care?????????????????????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??
[Audio File]

?Introduced by Heidi Tringe, representing Maximus

Remarks to the Work Panelists Governor Gary R. Herbert

Work Panel Sessions
Future Innovations: Developing a Strategic Health Plan for Utah- Identifying Specifics

The afternoon breakout sessions are facilitated working sessions that produce specific and concrete strategies and direction in targeted areas of payment reform, cost containment, resources, and health IT. The goal is to use the specifics identified in these sessions to build a framework that may feed the foundation of the Governor?s health plan.

Video Address to Work Panels?????????????? [Video File]

Dr. Clayton M. Christensen, Robert and Jane Cizik Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??

Work Panel 1
The Next Generation of Public and Private Payment Reform: Incentives

Public and Private Payment Reform proposals are varied and complicated. Utah has proposed a waiver to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid to allow the development of a Medicaid Accountable Care Organization. Michael Hales, Utah's Medicaid Director will present and discuss this waiver. What are the other payment reform mechanisms being considered by Utah health care providers and payers? In what ways will new payment systems impact patient care? These and other questions will be considered as the panel discusses the next generation of payment reform for Utah.

????????????????White Paper????? Summary of Discussion??????? Audio File

Moderator: Richard Sperry, University of Utah

Roy Barraclough, Moab Regional Hospital
Kim Bateman, Private Citizen
Dayle Benson, University of Utah Medical Group
John Doane, Univ. Health Science Clinics, Dept. of Internal Medicine
Rep. James Dunnigan, Utah State Legislature
Dave Gessel, Utah Hospitals and Health Systems Association
Neil T. Gooch, Utah Insurance Department
Edmund Haislmaier, the Heritage Foundation
Michael Hales, Utah Medicaid Director
Roberta Herzberg, Utah State University
Robert Huefner, Private Citizen
Rep. Brad Last, Utah State Legislature
Chet Loftis, Public Employees Health Programs
Sen. Ben McAdams, Utah State Legislature
Richard McKeown, Leavitt Partners
Michelle McOmber, Utah Medical Association
George Myers, Zions Bank
John L. Oaks, IASIS Healthcare
Greg Poulsen, Intermountain Healthcare
Steve Rosenberg, Liberty Heights Fresh
Jan Root, Utah Health Information Network
Rep. Dean Sanpei, Utah State Legislature
Wesley Smith, Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce
Norman Waitzman, University of Utah
Aimee Whetman, HCA Healthcare
Scott Williams, HCA MountainStar Healthcare

Work Panel 2
Cost Containment through Healthy Lifestyles: Wellness

Utah is the seventh healthiest state in the nation. What steps need to be taken to help our state obtain the title of the healthiest state in the nation? What public and private partnerships will be needed to support that goal and what role does healthy lifestyles play in the state's overall effort to reduce health care cost. This panel will come together under the leadership of Lt. Governor Greg Bell to discuss these important issues and identify recommendations for action.

??????????????? White Paper?????? Summary of Discussion????????? No Audio File

Moderator: Lt. Governor Greg Bell

Kevin Allred, HCA MountainStar
Craig Anderson, Volunteers of America
Reid Barker, Utah Pharmacy Association
Myron Bateman, Tooele County Health Department
Lloyd Berentzen, Bear River Health Department
Jay T. Bishoff, Intermountain Healthcare
Scott Brown, American Heart Association
Rep. Tim Cosgrove, Utah State Legislature
Emma Crandall, GBS Benefits
Bill Cox, Rich County Commissioner
Kathleen Digre, University of Utah Moran Eye Center
Stacy Eddings, Private Research Firm, Bach Harrison
Eric Edwards, Utah County Health Department
Mary Lou Emerson, UT Substance Abuse/Anti-Violence Coor. Council
David Felt, Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health
Rebecca Fietkau, ARUP Laboratories
Jake Fitisemanu, the Queen Center
Lynette Hansen, Altius Health Plans
Judi Hilman, Utah Health Policy Project
Aric Jensen, Economic Development of Bountiful City
Sen. Patricia Jones, Utah State Legislature
Tom Love, Love Communications
James Mason, Utah Partnership for Healthy Weight
Julie Metos, University of Utah / Action for Healthy Kids
Ed Napia, Indian Walk-In Center
Beverly J. May, National Center for Tobacco Free Kids
Angelica Nash, Centro Hispano
Troy Neerings, Neerings Plumming Heating Inc.
Misty Paxton, 1-800-CONTACTS
Rep. Paul Ray, Utah State Legislature
Betty Sawyer, Harambee - Project Success
Tamara Sheffield, Intermountain Health
Michael Siler, American Cancer Society
Sylvia Rickard, Utah Hispanic Task Force
Celeste Van Tassell, BD Medical
Dot Verbrugge, Altius Health Plans
Rep. Evan J. Vickers, Utah State Legislature
Lynn Webster, Lifetree Clinical Research
Catherine Wheeler, University of Utah Matemal-Fetal Medicine

Work Panel 3
What are Utah?s Health Workforce Needs for the Future?

With changing payment reform systems, increased technology requirements, and growing patient needs, the challenges have never been greater on our state's educational systems to provide programs and graduates that meet those needs. Will Utah have enough primary care physicians to meet the growing population needs? What type of health practitioners will be needed to fill the gaps? What are the costs and how can education work with employers to assure that Utah's health care needs are supported into the future? This panel will look at innovative solutions to preparing tomorrow's health workforce.

?????????????? White Paper ????????? Summary of Discussion?????????????? Audio File

Moderator: David Squire, Utah Medical Education Council

Dirk Anjewierden, Utah Healthcare Assoc
Marc Babitz, Utah Department of Health
Bob Bunnell, Utah Academy of Physician Assistants
Dean Haeger, Salt Lake Community College
Renee Coffman, Rosman University of Health Sciences
Carrie Mayne, Utah Department of Work Force Services
Maureen R. Keefe, University of Utah College of Nursing
Linda Leckman, Intermountain Healthcare Medical Group
Marilyn Mariani, HCA MountainStar, Utah Division
Dennis Moser, Utah Center for Rural Health, Southern Utah Univ.
Mark Munger, University of Utah College of Pharmacy
John C. Nelson, Leavitt Partners
Sen. Luz Robles, Utah State Legislature
Rep. Ronda Menlove, Utah State Legislature
Alan Pruhs, Association for Utah Community Health
Wayne Samuelson, University of Utah, School of Medicine
Mark Stoddard, Central Valley Medical Center, Board of Regents
Peter Talliac, Utah Department of Health
Scott L. Theurer, Utah Dental Association
David Tietjen, Argosy University


Work Panel 4
Health Information: What?s Next? Decision Support for Providers and Consumers

Improved information is often promoted as a key element to enhance the value of healthcare services. This panel explores the next steps for our community to take over the next 5-10 years to realize the value of?HIT investment to improve quality access to and lower costs for healthcare services for the residents of the State of Utah.

??? White Paper?????? Summary of Discussion I????? Summary of Discussion II??????? Audio File

Moderator: Doug Hasbrouck, HealthInsight

Scott Barlow, Central Utah Clinic
Mark Briesacher, Intermountain Medical Group
Jennifer Cannaday, Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah
Rep. David Clark, Utah State Legislature
Steve Fletcher, Utah Department of Technology Services
Natalie Gochnour, Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce
Brad LeBaron, Uintah Basin Medical Center
Jake Logan, UnitedHealth Group
Michael Magill, University of Utah
Michael K. Nelson, GE Healthcare
Mark Probst, Intermountain Healthcare
Teresa Rivera, Utah Health Information Network
Robert Rolfs, Utah Department of Heatlh
Debra Scammon, University of Utah
Jim Vanderslice, University of Utah