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All levels of government share the responsibility for working together in preparing for, preventing, responding to, and recovering from the effects of an emergency or disaster event.  The Utah Department of Health (UDOH) is the lead agency for ESF 8: Health & Medical Services Emergency Support Function.  Included in ESF #8 are medical care and public health services that are essential elements of any emergency, disaster or major catastrophe incident response. The intent of ESF #8 is to supplement county and local governments affected by the emergency or disaster by using resources primarily available from the UDOH and supporting departments and agencies to ESF 8. 

Information about the causes of natural and man-made disasters, what to do in an emergency, and where to seek help in an emergency are key to overcoming the potential hazards associated with emergencies. The UDOH Emergency Response Plans are dedicated to providing helpful and informative resources and information specific to the Health Department in the areas of disease, natural disaster, terrorism and other emergency threats. 


For any questions regarding UDOH emergency plans or resources please contact Mike Stever at mstever@utah.gov.


Planning Resources and Templates


COOP Overview for Executives

COOP Overview for Committee

COOP Overview Handout

COOP Tabletop Exercise

COOP Tabletop Exercise Feedback Form




Emergency Operations Plan

The Utah Department of Health’s (UDOH) Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) details the functions and responsibilities of the UDOH and assets during the preparedness, response, and recovery phases of emergency/disaster operations.  This plan establishes a department organizational structure for emergency/disaster response as well as describes the concepts and policies under which the department agencies will operate during emergencies/disasters.  In addition, the plan provides for coordination with other state and local agencies.  Due to the nature and size of this plan it is not available on the website.


Mass Fatality Management Plan


The Mass Fatality Management Plan is a state-wide plan and guidance document for local jurisdictions, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and other entities involved in fatality managment in the State of Utah. 


The Mass Fatality Management Plan is currently under review for updates and improvements. 


     Mass Fatality Managment Plan

     Mass Fatality Managment Appendices


Utah Infectious Disease Emergency Response Plan

    Infectious Disease Emergency Response Plan - March 2016

Utah Pandemic Influenza Response Plan


     Utah Pandemic Influenza Response Plan
     Attachment 1: Operational Coordination and Communication Plan
     Attachment 2:  Influenza Enhanced Surveillance Plan
     Attachment 3:  Community Mitigation Plan
     Attachment 4:  Vaccination Administration and Distribution Plan
     Attachment 5:  Antiviral Medication and Stockpile Use Plan
     Attachment 6:  Public and Risk Communications Plan
     Attachment 7:  Laboratory Response Plan

     Attachment 8:  Communicable Disease Continuity Annex

     Attachment 9:  Medical Care Triage Guidelines
     Attachment 10:  Public Health Legal Authorities


Utah Emergency Medical Services Pandemic Influenza Guidelines


     EMS Pandemic Influenza Guidelines


Utah Mass Casualty Incident Plan


     Utah Mass Casualty Incident Plan


Utah Department of Health Continuity of Operations Plan


     UDOH Continuity of Operations Plan Executive Summary

Medical Surge Capacity Plan  

     Medical Surge Capacity Plan
     Attachment 1:  Triage and Treatment Guidelines Supplement
     Attachment 2:  WMD 2005 Supplement