Utah Clinical Guidelines on Prescribing Opioids

guideline Tools

Tools to Use in Evaluating & Monitoring
Pain Management Evaluation Tool

Patient Pain and Medication Tracking Chart

Sheehan Disability Scale also see: SDS Information

Brief Pain Inventory Form also see: BPI Information

Treatment Plan for Prescribing Opioids


Tools to Screen for Risk of Complications
COMM (register to download COMM, instructions for administration, and scoring information guide)

SOAPP-R (register to download SOAPP-R, instructions for administration, and scoring information guide)

Opioid Risk Tool also see: ORT Scoring

Urine Drug Testing Devices

Signs of Substance Misuse

Checklist for Adverse Effects, Function, and Opioid Dependence

Informational Tools
Federal Guidelines on Proper Disposal of Prescriptions

Non-Opioid Pain Management Tool

Absolute Contraindications to Opioid Prescribing

Strategies for Tapering & Weaning

Information for Patients—Opioid Analgesics for Non-Cancer Pain

The Role of Methadone in the Management of Chronic Non-Malignant Pain

Dosing Guidelines

Utah-Specific Tools
Directory of Resources

Utah’s Tamper Resistant Requirements

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