Utah Indoor Clean Air Act

Utah Indoor Clean Air Act Sample Signs

Why Signage?

Signs indicating the smoking status of a building and areas within 25 feet of entry and exit ways, open windows, and air intakes are and excellent means to remind employees what the policy is and to inform customers, delivery people, and visitors about Utah Indoor Clean Air Act statute and Administrative Rule requirements that prohibit smoking in these locations.

They also act to help prevent businesses and organizations from having to spend time "policing" locations in order to inform individuals about the requirements. Although not the original intention, they can also help with potential loitering issues.

What Is Required

Various settings require different types of signage. To view the requirements go to:

Sample Signs

The samples listed below are examples of how employers and building managers can meet sign requirements for the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act. Local sign or print shops should be able to customize signs that meet specific corporate requirements. To assure requirements are met, be sure to take a copy of the requirements listed above with you.  

The Tobacco Prevention and Control Program has limited quantities of building signs and window clings available free of charge.

To Order Signs

To order signs go to:

PDF version (fax): (PDF 48KB)
Word version (email) :

Sample Signs

Door cling where smoking is prohibited entirely

sample of We are smoke free No Smoking  cling
Not shown to scale. Actual size 4"x11"(applied to inside window)

Signs for a place where smoking is is prohibited entirely

Not drawn to scale.  Actual size 2 3/4" x 12"

For a building where smoking is is prohibited entirely

In accordance with Sign
Not drawn to scale.  Actual Size 11"x41/2"
(Available in black or red print)

image of sample 4

Not shown to scale. Actual size 4"x4"
(available as inside window cling or sticker for outside placement)

Signs for an ash tray closer than 25 feet from a building


no smoking ashtray image


thank you for not smoking ashtray sign

way to quit



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