Utah Retailer Education Guide- Posters, Cling, and Register Sticker

Rotating posters, employee posters, door clings, and register stickers are simple ways to remind both prospective underage buyers as well as employees at the register that your establishment does not sell tobacco products to underage youth and that they shouldn't even try.


WE ID Poster 1

Retail Poster 1

WE ID Poster 2

Retail Poster 2

WE ID Poster 3

Retail Poster 3

WE ID Poster 4

Retail Poster 4

Door Clings

WE ID Cling 2

Retail Cling 1


WE ID Cling 1

Retail Cling 2


WE ID Cling 3

Retail Cling 3

WE ID Cling 4

Retail Cling 4


Register Stickers

Retail Register Sticker


Retail Register Sticker

Retailer Register Sticker (espanol)

Retail Register Sticker (español)


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Do Your Part

By taking the time to educate your employees about Utah tobacco laws you are helping prevent underage youth in your community from becoming addicted to tobacco.


While the law allows the use and sales tobacco and electronic cigarette (vaping) for those who are age 19 and older there are restrictions on the placement of products and location of certain types of tobacco (and electronic cigarette (vaping) businesses.


Resources are available to help. Check out the Utah Tobacco Retailer Education Guide:

Go to the Guide- English

Vaya a la Guía- Español