Preventing Underage Access to Tobacco- A Guide for Utah Retailers


The purpose of this Guide is to help you reduce the problem of youth access to tobacco by refusing to sell to to underage tobacco users.

Preventing early addiction to tobacco in underage users can have a dramatic effect on  tobacco use rates. Ninety percent of adults who use tobacco started before age 19, the  legal age of use in Utah.

Your participation in the overall strategy to reduce use of tobacco by Utah's underage youth  is crucial. By developing an active policy prohibiting sales to underage buyers, you will play a major role in preventing the illegal use of tobacco. Establishing a reputation of refusing  sales of tobacco to those under age 19 drastically reduces illegal purchase attempts.

This Guide contains useful tips for managers and employees to use in order to prevent illegal underage sales of tobacco. You can also access a listing of underage-related tobacco laws and local health department contacts.

Tips for Managers

Tips for Employees

Utah Tobacco Laws


Acceptable Forms of Identification

Local Health Department Contacts

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Data and Reports

Utah Tobacco Laws

Federal Tobacco Regulations