Utah Indoor Clean Air Act

Utah Indoor Clean Air Act Business Guide

About the Guide

The Business Guide is designed to help business owners and operators understand what the Utah Clean Air Act requires and how best to accomplish those requirements.


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Health and Economic Impact
Information in this section is included to help the reader better understand the health and  economic impact of exposure to secondhand smoke (SHS). 
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Utah Indoor Clean Air Act Compliance Checklist
The Utah Indoor Clean Air Act Compliance Checklist highlights key points business/building managers, supervisors, and employees need to be aware of.
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Signs and Public Announcements
Information about sign and public announcement requirements and samples of signs that meet the requirements of the statute and rule.
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Implementing Effective Smoking Policies
Contains guides and a toolkit to develop and implement a comprehensive tobacco policy.
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Utah Indoor Clean Air Act Resources
Lists local, state, and national resources for questions about second hand smoke and the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act.
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Utah Indoor Clean Air Act Statute and Rule
Lists both the statute, UC 26-38-1 to 9, and the rule, r392-510-1 to 17. 
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Resources to Help Your Employees Quit
Lists free services to help Utahns quit and health plan and employee assistance program information.
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Utah Tobacco Cessation Resource Directory
The purpose of the statewide directory is to assist tobacco users and health professionals locate tobacco cessation resources in their local area.

Additional Resources

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Utah Secondhand Smoke Policy Implementation Guide
The Guide serves as a resource for those interested in implementing secondhand smoke policies at the local level.  Addresses secondhand smoke policy in worksites, multiple dwelling units, homes, health care settings, and outdoor venues.
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Utah Indoor Clean Air Act Amendments
Provides information about the changes in the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act that occurred during the 2006,2007, and 2012 legislative sessions. There were also changes in the Administrative Rule on September 2011.

Get Signs

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Order signs
The Tobacco Prevention and Control Program has limited quantities of building signs and window clings available free of charge.


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