Local Opportunities for Utah Youth


Outrage! an anti-tobacco youth group that works to battle big tobacco by educating the community about the dangers of tobacco use, industry manipulation, youth initiation, advertising, and secondhand smoke at a variety of fun events that includes: fairs, concerts, rodeos, 'Kick Butt Day' activities, the 'Great American Smokeout' activities, school events, town hall meetings, community events and more. Members of Outrage! have the opportunity to learn leadership skills, meet new people, make a difference in their community, and fight Big Tobacco.


Local Health Departments

Bear River Health Department

Annie Parker

Central Utah Public Health Department

Pam Goodrich

Valyn Leavitt

Joann Topham

JanaKaye Smith

Davis County Health Department

Denise Mealy

Salt Lake County Health Department

Lauren Bartsch

Southeastern Utah District Health Department

Kathy Brady

Southwest Utah Public Health Department

Kaysha Price

Summit County Health Department

Tiffany Anderson

Tooele County Health Department

Hilary Makris

TriCounty Health Department

Rosanne Farmer

Marcie Tucker

Utah County Health Department

Sarah Simons

Wasatch County Health Department

Trudy Brereton

Weber Morgan Health Department

Lori Greene

Disparity Networks

Harambee: The Utah African American Network: Project Success

Betty Sawyer

Urban Indian Center

Ed Napia

Pacific Islander Teens Aginst Tobacco (ITAT)

Joyce Ah You

Centro Hispano

Jessica Olsen

way to quit

Data and Reports