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You can ensure that your patients' immunization records are up-to-date with the support of the Utah Statewide Immunization Information System (USIIS). The USIIS is a central repository for all children's immunization records in Utah and can only be accessed by authorized users. It allows you to keep track of your patient's immunization history and promote immunizations. Your objective, as well as ours, is keeping Utah children healthy and free from vaccine preventable diseases. When you use the USIIS, everyone benefits. To find out more click on How You Can Participate in USIIS.

USIIS partners include eight major health plans, the Intermountain Pediatric Society, the Utah Chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Utah Medical Association, local health departments, and the Utah Department of Health.

The USIIS will:

  • reduce your paperwork and save staff time;
  • consolidate immunizations from all providers into one record;
  • provide easy access and reliable immunization histories for any child (new or current patients), even if immunization were received at a public health clinic;
  • provide definitive information on immunizations, due or overdue;
  • provide patient reminders and recalls for immunizations, due or overdue;
  • reduce the number of phone calls you make to schools and daycare centers during registration;
  • facilitate introduction of new vaccines or changes in the vaccine schedule;
  • help you manage vaccine inventories;
  • help you determine what proportion of children in your practice have been adequately immunized
  • help with HEDIS data collection for managed-care orgainizations; and
  • reinforce the concept of the medical home.

You can access the USIIS central database by using the USIIS supplied application:

WebKIDS or WebKIDS LITE (Internet) - WebKIDS is free software available through the Internet. You can use it to access USIIS and completely manage immunization services in your office. WebKIDS LITE is a read-only version of WebKIDS that allows you to look-up an immunization history, print out a child's immunization record, and download immunization records to your existing information system. Once you join USIIS, both WebKIDS and WebKIDS LITE can be accessed on our Website:

You can also submit or retrieve data through electronic interfaces. The interfaces can connect with information systems already used in schools, physician offices (practice management system vendors or the Utah Health Information Network), and health plans. Our competent technical team can provide you with the information needed to use these types of interfaces.

What products and services does the USIIS offer?

Everything you need to get started, including:

  • Free USIIS software application WebKIDS. Phone number and access to the USIIS Interactive Voice Response System (another way to access your patients immunization records).
  • Installation of the software
  • Training
  • Customer Support
  • Technical Assistance
  • Periodic user meetings
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • USIIS brochures
  • Official USIIS Certificate recognizing you as a Participating Member of the USIIS

What do you need?


  • An Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a computer capable of running I.E 5.0 or higer.

For more information about participating in the USIIS, or for a demonstration, call: the USIIS Provider Relations at 801-538-9450 or 1-800-275-0659.

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