Utah Women and Newborn Quality Collaborative (UWNQC) is a statewide, multi-stakeholder network dedicated to improving perinatal health in the state.

Build consensus, awareness, and support across the state regarding the value and benefits of participation in UWNQC and acquire the financial resources necessary for ongoing development of UWNQC.


Our aim is to reduce the incidence of recurrent preterm birth by increasing the use of 17P so more eligible women receive appropriate treatment in Utah.

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Our aim is to adopt and implement a standardized algorithm in Utah for identification of the drug-exposed newborn and plan of care to minimize symptoms of withdrawal.

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Our aim is to analyze the current state of out of hospital births in Utah and to create a statewide action items addressing the recognized safety issues.

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OB Hemorrhage Management

Our aim is to develop and strengthen strategies in Utah to prevent maternal death and improve maternal health outcomes.

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