UWNQC is a statewide, multi-stakeholder network dedicated to improving perinatal outcomes in Utah.

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UWNQC 2016-2017 Board of Directors

Angela Anderson, CNM, DNP- Board Chair

Tom Oniki, PhD- Board Vice Chair

Julie Drake, RN- Board Treasurer

Alan Rappleye, MD, FACOG

Amy Steele, MSPH

Amy Stoddard, RN

Cameron Trotter, RN

Christopher Valentine, MD

Con Yee Ling, MD

Corbie Peterson, RN, MBA

Donna Kasten, RN

Heather Johnston, CPM, LDEM

Jean Millar, RN, MBA

Juliann Ballard, RN

Katherine Gesteland, MD

Laurie Baksh, MPH

Lori Eining, RN

Lynne Nilson, MPH, MCHES

Rita Aguilar, RN

Stephen Minton, MD

Suzanne Smith, CPM, LDEM

Timothy LaPine, MD

Camille Fung, MD- Neonatal Medical Director

Erin Clark, MD- OOH Birth Subcommittee Medical Director

Julia Johnson, MPH- Project Coordinator

Megan Kimberly, CNM, DNP- Safety Bundle Subcommittee Director

Sean Esplin, MD- Maternal Subcommittee Director