Student Injuries

Utah Student Injury Reporting System

Since 1983, the Utah Department of Health, Utah State Office of Education, and local school districts have collected data on student injuries in Utah public schools. All 41 Utah school districts and over 800 public schools have participated and data collection has remained fairly consistent over the past 30 years. The Student Injury Reporting System (SIRS) tracks injuries that occur while traveling to and from school and during school time or school-related activities. Injuries that meet the following criteria are entered into the SIRS database:

  1. Injury caused the loss of at least one-half day of school and/or
  2. Injury required medical attention and treatment from a school nurse, physician, or other health care provider.

Because the SIRS is voluntary, injuries may be underreported. A goal of the SIRS is to increase the number of reported injuries, which may suggest that student injuries are increasing when actually only the reporting of injuries is increasing.

"We had a large carbon monoxide incident at our school this year and I’m so thankful for the online database because it was less time consuming and tedious then if I had to submit all of our reports the old way."

Secretary at a rural Utah elementary school

Why is reporting student injuries important?

The SIRS helps to identify where, when, how and why students get hurt at school. By using this information, education officials can pinpoint risk factors at individual schools and develop safety guidelines and prevention programs which can minimize the physical and financial impact of injury on the individual, family, school, and community.

How can my school get involved in the Student Injury Reporting System?

Student injury reports are now faster, easier, and paperless! Schools can complete their student injury reports and submit them at

As of September 1, 2011, schools can now submit student injury forms online. Please do not send in the paper forms to the Utah Department of Health!

To register your school with the Student Injury Reporting System, the Utah Department of Health needs to receive an email from the Principal of your school, which includes the Principal's name, email, name of the District, name of the school, address, and phone number. Please send this information to: Once the information has been received, the Principal will receive an email with their school's login information.

If you have any questions about the online system or want to schedule training for your staff members, contact Hillary McDermott at (801) 538-7057 or