Teen Driving

Teen Driving

Teenagers are especially at risk of being in a motor vehicle crash.Teen drivers represented only 8% licensed drivers in Utah, yet they were in 20% of all motor vehicle crashes. In 2013, teen drivers were involved in more than 10,000 crashes, resulting in nearly 5,000 injuries and 26 deaths.

The good news is, teen driver crashes have been decreasing since 1996. And with passage of Utah's Graduated Driver License or GDL laws, the motor vehicle crash death rate for teens ages 15-17 has decreased by 62% since 1999. Parents play an important role in keeping their teens safe on the road. In fact, research has shown that parents who set rules and pay attention to their teen's driving activities in a helpful, supportive way can cut their teen's crash risk by half.

In 2014, 29 teens lost their lives on Utah's roads. Read their stories.

Teen Memoriams

If you or someone you know has lost a teen in a motor vehicle crash, we want to hear your story. Each year we publish a Teen Memoriam which tells the stories of teens killed on Utah roads the previous year, as told by their grieving families. The books are given to driver education instructors throughout the state. The books have been evaluated in several high schools and analysis of the data showed that students were more likely to adhere to Utah's Graduated Driver Licensing laws, commit to driving safely, and understand the risks associated with driving after reading them. In addition, 95% of students who had read the books felt other teens learning to drive should read these stories.


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