Traumatic Spinal Cord & Brain Injury Rehabilitation Fund

Utah Traumatic Spinal Cord (SCI) and Brain Injury Rehabilitation (TBI) Fund

“Clinical research shows that a person with a neurological injury has a better quality of life if they have access to the necessary therapy. Unfortunately, most won’t be able to afford the type of therapy needed. That’s why the SCI and TBI Rehabilitation Fund is so vital.”

Dr. Dale Hull, Neuroworx

What is the SCI/TBI Rehabilitation Fund?

The Traumatic Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Rehabilitation Fund was established during the 2012 Utah Legislative Session (Section 26-54) as a restricted special revenue fund that consists of gifts, grants, donations, or any other conveyance of money that may be made to the fund from private sources; portion ($20) of the impound fee as designated in Section 41-6a-1406; and amounts as appropriated by the legislature. The Legislature appropriated an initial allocation of $200,000 for State Fiscal Year 2013. The fund shall be administered by the executive director of the Department of Health in consultation with the advisory committee.

The SCI/TBI Rehabilitation Fund provides individuals with spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries with physical, occupational, and speech therapy; and equipment necessary for daily living activities.

The SCI/TBI Fund is designed to be a payor of last resort, meaning individuals have no other financial means available to obtain these services.

How do I access the TBI Fund?

Please contact one of the State's SCI/TBI Fund clinics to see what services and resources are available to you:


90 W Albion Village Way
Sandy, UT 84070
(801) 619-3670

University of Utah Sugar House Outpatient Clinic

1138 East Wilmington Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84016
(801) 581-2221

For questions about the SCI/TBI Fund contact: 

Traci Barney
Violence and Injury Prevention Program
Utah Department of Health
288 North 1460 West
PO Box 142106
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-2106
(801) 538-9277

Legislative Reports

Each year a report is submitted to the Utah State Legislature to show the impact of the SCI/TBI Fund.