Traumatic Brain Injury

Every day in Utah, 54 people are treated and released from an emergency room due to a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Another eight are hospitalized or die each day from a TBI. In 2011,

  • 2,294 Utahns were hospitalized for a TBI
  • 550 Utahns died from a TBI
  • Of the 550 deaths, 429 occurred prior to hospital admission

Traumatic brain injuries can have a dramatic impact on a person’s ability to lead an active, fulfilling life. TBIs can affect an individual’s ability to work, as well as his or her short- and long-term memory, vision, sleep, mood, and movement.

Causes of TBI in Utah

The top three causes of TBI hospitalizations and deaths in Utah in 2011 were:

Additional data on causes of TBI, age and sex, hospitalization charges, and applicable laws, can be found:

Need help for yourself or a loved one?

An ombudsman is an official who is designated to assist you to overcome the delay, injustice, or impersonal delivery of services. The TBI Ombudsman can help you with concerns or complaints about services, questions about your legal rights, help access appropriate sercices, and answer general questiosn about TBIs.

If you have a TBI and need help or if you have a family member with a TBI, please contact the Brain Injury Alliance of Utah at 800-281-8442. You may also visit our TBI Ombudsman website at http://biau.org/ombudsman.

You may also qualify to receive services from the Utah Traumatic Brain Injury Fund, including neuropsychological testing or resource facilitation services.

TBI Database

Since 1990, the UDOH Violence and Injury Prevention Program has collected data on TBI in Utah through review of hospital discharge data, death certificates, and hospital records. TBIs are included in the database when they result in hospitalization or death with one or more of the following:

  • Observed or self-reported unconsciousness or decreased level of consciousness;
  • Amnesia;
  • Skull fracture;
  • Changes in motor function, sensory function, reflexes, or speech; or
  • Seizures; hemorrhages, bruising, or other trauma to the brain.