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Utah's Vital Statistics: 2001
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Births and Deaths, 2001 -
- Complete report (pdf file 418 KB)

Title (pdf file 50 KB)
Table of Contents (pdf file 36 KB)
Summary Section (pdf file 103 KB)
Reference Section (pdf file 243 KB
Appendix A: Technical Appendix (pdf file 47 KB)
Appendix B: Life Tables (pdf file 20 KB)

Guide to Mortality Analysis using ICD-10
- (pdf file 13 KB)

Comparability ratios for 113 selected causes of deaht
- (pdf file 13 KB)

Leading causes of death, Utah 1999, with comparability (adjusted rates for 1998)
- (pdf file 8 KB)

Mortality by Cause, Sex, Age and Autopsy, Residents Utah, 2001
- Complete report (pdf file 151 KB)

Abortions, 2001
- Complete report (pdf file 358 KB)

Marriages and Divorces, 2001 and 2002
- Complete report (pdf file 1,086 KB)

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