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Statistical Products Section
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Utah's Vital Statistics: 2004
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Births and Deaths, 2004
- Complete report (pdf file 16,168 KB )

Title and Table of Contents (pdf file 686 KB)
Summary Section (pdf file 1,843 KB
Reference Section (pdf file 12,182 KB
Appendix A: Technical Appendix (pdf file 1,174 KB)
Appendix B: Life Tables (pdf file 176 KB)

Mortality by Cause, Sex, Age and Autopsy, Residents, Utah, 2004
- Complete report (pdf file 4,509 KB)

Abortions, 2004
- Complete report (pdf file 1,591 KB)

Marriages and Divorces, 2004
- Complete report (pdf file 2,494 KB)

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