Resources for Schools

  • Asthma School Nurse Toolkit: Click here to open a Google Drive folder with materials for the Asthma School Nurse Toolkit. You can view and download materials for each of the education areas in the folder.
  • What to do in Case of an Asthma Attack: This is a 10 minute presentation for school nurses to provide educators. Click here to download the powerpoint presentation.

The Utah Recess Guidance is a tool for determining when to hold recess indoors due to poor air quality. The Guidance provides recommendations for recess based off PM2.5 levels reported by the Department of Environmental Quality.

We encourage schools in these counties to use the Recess Guidance and DEQ website to determine recess. Ultimately, the final decision on when to hold indoor recess is made by the schools. Below are some steps for implementing the Recess Guidance. Find more school resources here.

  • B3: Brain Body Boost Program - Brain Body Boost is an online, school-based wellness program designed to help 4th, 5th, and 6th grade teachers strengthen health education in the classroom. B3 provides lesson plans that meet state requirements, school supplies for teachers, and participation is completely free!.
  • EPA’s Indoor Air Quality “Tools for Schools” Program - A toolkit to help schools improve indoor air quality.
  • Idle Free Utah - A program to improve air quality by reducing vehicle idling.