Utah Asthma Program
Utah Asthma Program

Online Asthma Training for Coaches

Athletes and Asthma: The Community Coach's Role

Did you know that up to 15% of athletes have asthma nationally? That's about one or two players on an average team.

The Athletes and Asthma: The Community Coach's Role is a 35-minute interactive online course developed b the Minnesota Department of Health. It will teach coaches how to help players of all ages (K-12) play to their full potential through scenarios that mimic the real-life decisions they face during practices and competitive events. A certificate of completion can be printed after completing the program. Participants will learn:

  • Basic anatomy-physiology of asthma
  • Symptoms of asthma or an asthma attack
  • The coach's role in helping players control their asthma
  • Rescue vs. control asthma medications (inhalers)
  • How to prevent or treat asthma symptoms
  • Identifying triggers of asthma
  • What to do during an asthma attack