Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD)

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Data Reporting for Birthing Centers and Home Births

Reporting of CCHD Screening is covered by Birth Defect Reporting Rule R398-5. An important part of the Utah CCHD Screening Project is collecting data to find out how well pulse oximetry screening is working. The outcome of the CCHD Screen (Pass, Fail or Not Screened) is recorded on the birth record.

Newborns and children diagnosed with a CCHD become part of the Utah Birth Defect Network. All newborns diagnosed with a CCHD, including those diagnosed prenatally, on newborn physical exam, through CCHD Screening, and later clinical presentation up to two years of age are included in this registry.

CCHD Screening SpO2 Results can be reported in any of the following ways through email or fax:

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