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EMD, EMT & Paramedic Licensing

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License Application Process

The process below outlines the steps to license or relicense to become an EMS professional. If you already have an EMS certification in another state or the armed forces, reciprocity is also outlined.

Individuals wishing to license as an AEMT or Paramedic must be licensed as an EMT first.

Please call 801-273-6666 if you need assistance anywhere in the process.

  1. Complete the Application Online - Register or claim your account (if you were in the old BEMS system) at https://emslicense.utah.gov . At anytime you may save the application to complete it at a later date by clicking the "Save and Continue" and exiting the application. To resume your application at a later date, log into your account, click on the Application link, then click Continue.

    NOTE: when adding address to your application, fill zip code first, then search and the system will bring up an affiliated city and state.

    The online application will require you to upload the following documents:

    • Copy of Photo ID - Upload a copy of a current driver's license, passport, or other official government ID.
    • Current Photo - Upload a photo of yourself for your EMS ID badge, or the photo can be taken at the Bureau of EMS.
    • TB Test - Upload your tuberculosis test documentation dated within one year (not required for Dispatch).
    • Additional Documents - Based on the type and level of license you are applying for additional documentation will be required (e.g. CPR Card, PEPP or PALS)
  2. Enroll in a Course - If you you are applying for a new license level you need to enroll in a training course. Available training courses can be found at https://emslicense.utah.gov/lookup/training_courses
  3. Pay Application Fees - The new system accepts credit or debit cards. To pay by check or money order, mail your check or money order with a copy of your application to: PO Box 142004, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-2004
    • $50 Application Fee (All applicants)
    • $65 Fingerprints/Background (required for all applications unless DACS fingerprints are already in the system)


    • $45 Application Fee
    • $35 Fingerprint/Background check
  4. Fingerprints - After fees are paid BEMSP staff will process your application for a criminal background check. You will recieve email notification that your LiveScan fingerprint form is available to download from our system. The LiveScan form can be taken into any Direct Access Clearance System (DACS) approved LiveScan location and this will be electronically submitted. Our new Rap Back system will keep your prints and update EMS on any charges that occur. Information regarding DACS LiveScan locations will be provided.

Additional Steps Based on License Type


  • Course Coordinator Recommendation - Complete your course and be recommended for certification by your course coordinator.
  • Pass the Written and Practical Exams- Your Course Coordinator will arrange and schedule your NREMT practical exam as part of your course. The written test is taken through National Registry at a Pearson Vue testing center. You will need to create a profile on http://www.nremt.org/ before completing your practical test so the certification office can update the requirements for you to schedule the test. The Bureau of EMS will verify your NREMT certification status.


  • Training Officer Recommendation - (All levels) Upload a letter from a certified training officer verifying your evaluation of competency to the level of your license.
  • Medical Director Recommendation - (AEMT & Paramedic) Upload a letter from a Doctor licensed in the state of Utah verifying your competency to the level of your license. Note: Medical Director may just countersign the training officer's letter.


  • CME Hours - Submit documentation of required hours of continuing medical education (CME) as outlined in Recertification Protocol for EMS Personnel. If your initial certification course was taken within the last year, those hours count.
  • NREMT Certification - BEMSP will verify your certification status. If you are not certified through National Registry but are licensed in another state you may obtain a Utah license by completing the above requirements plus successfully complete the NREMT assessment exam.

You will recieve an email notification once all required processes are complete and your license is approved.

Required Certifications

  • CPR Provider Card - (All Levels) CPR class must meet the AHA guidelines for Health Care Provider.
  • ACLS - (Paramedic only) Advanced Cardiac Life Support.
  • PEPP or PALS - (Paramedic and AEMT) Either Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) or Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals (PEPP) or equivalent.
  • IAED - Only for EMD (Dispatch)- If you are not nationally certified we will accept 48 hours of CME hours to compensate.

Lapsed License - If your current license has LAPSED you have one year from the expiration date to complete all the above requirements as well as:

  • Pay an additional $30 lapse fee
  • Pass the NREMT Written Assessment Test. The Bureau of EMS will verify your certification status.

If certification has lapsed over a year, you are required to complete all of the requirements above as well as complete both the NREMT written and psychomotor exams for the level of your licensed.

Additional License Resources

Questions? Contact the Bureau of EMS at ems@utah.gov or 801-273-6666.

Updated July 12, 2016