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EMT & Paramedic Certification

Criminal Background Checks

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Overview of Criminal Background Checks

Utah law requires the Bureau of EMS to exclude from EMS certification anyone who may pose an unacceptable risk to public health and safety, as indicated by his/her criminal history. The Bureau of EMS conducts a background check on each individual who seeks to certify or recertify as an EMS personnel, including an FBI background investigation if not a Utah resident for the past consecutive five years.

If you have resided outside Utah in the past five years, you must submit electronic fingerprints. Electronic fingerprints may be taken at the Bureau office or at any other properly equipped location. If you come to the Bureau office for electronic fingerprints, please arrive prior to 4:00 pm so we can complete them before the office closes. If you have your electronic fingerprints done at another location, take an Authorization for LiveScan form with you to complete and return to the Bureau within 48 hours. Staff at other LiveScan locations may contact the Bureau to receive instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question cannot be answered with the following information, please email Kami Thompson at kamithompson@utah.gov. Sending your questions will help us serve the public more effectively.

Q. How do I know what offenses found on my record will keep me from getting certified as an Emergency Medical Technician?
A. Please refer to Utah Administrative Rule R426-12-1400 "Refusal, Suspension or Revocation of Certification" for categories that will cause your certification to be automatically denied.
Q. Will speeding tickets hinder my efforts at trying to become a state certified EMT?
A. No.
Q. Do I need to report arrests, charges, convictions, plea in abeyances, etc.?
A. An applicant or currently certified EMT is required to notify the Bureau of EMS, in writing, within seven days of the initial offense. This does not mean you wait to see if you are convicted or not. Notification is required upon the arrest/charge. See Report a Criminal Offense, below.
Q. Can I find out before my class starts if my background check is approved?
A. Yes, by contacting Kami Thompson at kamithompson@utah.gov.

Report a Criminal Offense

Utah Administrative Rule R426-12-1400 requires criminal offenses by certified EMS personnel to be reported:

"Certified EMS personnel must notify the Department of any arrest, charge, or conviction within seven days of the arrest, charge or conviction. If the person works for a licensed or designated EMS agency, the agency is also responsible to inform the Bureau of the arrest, charge or conviction."

Reports must be submitted in writing, not over the phone. The following form may be used to report the arrest, charge, or conviction of a certified EMS personnel:


Questions? Contact Kami Thompson at kamithompson@utah.gov or 801-538-6537.

Updated February 23, 2016