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EMT & Paramedic Certification

Initial Certification

Initial Certification Process

The process below outlines the steps to become a Utah certified EMS professional. If you already have an EMS certification in another state or the armed forces, please refer to Reciprocity Certification. Individuals wishing to certify as EMT-I, EMT-IA, or Paramedic must certify at the EMT-B level first.

  1. Enroll in a Course - Sign up for a Bureau-approved EMS certification course. Refer to the list of upcoming EMS certification courses.
  2. Your course coordinator will help you with the remainder of the steps on this list. Submit paperwork to your course coordinator.

  3. Fill out an Application - Register for an account at bems.utah.gov and complete your profile. Enroll in your course using the "enrollment code" given to you by your course coordinator, and complete the Application for Certification within the bems.utah.gov system. Print, notarize and submit it.
  4. Pay Fees - Submit certification fees.
    • $50 Application fee
    • $65 Fingerprints/Background check
    • Total $115
  5. Fingerprints - Undergo a criminal background check. Application and fees need to be submitted to the EMS office in order to receive a personalized LiveScan form that can be taken into any Direct Access Clearance System (DACS) approved location and will be electronically submitted.
  6. Photo ID - Hand in a copy of either a current driver's license or passport or other ID.
  7. Submit required certifications -
    • CPR - (All Levels) the course must teach current American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines.
    • ACLS - (AEMT and Paramedic) Advanced Cardiac Life Support.
    • PEPP or PALS -(Paramedic) Either Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) or Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals (PEPP) - Paramedics ALS course / Advanced EMT's BLS course.
    • IAED - Only for EMD (Dispatch)- If you are not nationally certified we will accept 48 hours of CME hours to compensate.
  8. Submit a photo - of yourself for your EMS ID badge, or the photo can be taken at the Bureau of EMS.
  9. TB Test - Submit tuberculosis test documentationdated within one year (not required for EMD).
  10. Course coordinator recommendation -Complete your course and be recommended for certification by your course coordinator.
  11. Pass the Practical Test - After submitting your application and fees and completing your course, schedule to take the practical exam and written exam for your certification level, as applicable. Review information about exams.
  12. Pass the Written Test - The written test is taken through National Registry. You will need to create a profile on NREMT.org before completing your practical so the certification office can update the requirements for you to schedule the test.
    Once you have passed the Written Test, check your Certification Status at bems.utah.gov. Once certification requirements have been met, our office we will send you your badge for completing EMS Certification.
Initial Certification Table

Questions? Contact the Bureau of EMS at ems@utah.gov or 801-273-6666.

Updated April 29, 2016