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EMT & Paramedic Certification

Tuberculosis Testing

Tuberculosis Testing Requirements

Utah Administrative Rule R-426-12-104 requires that applicants for certification or recertification at all levels (except Emergency Medical Dispatcher) must submit a statement from a physician or other health care provider, confirming the applicant's negative results of a Tuberculin Skin Test or equivalent (TB test) examination conducted within the prior year, or complete the following requirements:

  • If the test is positive, and there is no documented history of prior Latent TB Infection (LTBI) treatment, the applicant must see his primary care physician for a chest x-ray (CXR) in accordance with current Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and further evaluation. Results of CXR and medical history must be submitted to the Bureau.
    • If the CXR is negative, the applicant's medical history will be reviewed by the State EMS Medical Director. For individuals at high risk for developing active TB, treatment will be strongly recommended.
    • If the CXR is positive, the applicant is considered to be suspect Active TB. Should the diagnosis be confirmed, completion of treatment or release by an appropriate physician will be required prior to certification. Each such case will be reviewed by the State EMS Medical Director.
    • In the event that an applicant who is required to get treatment refuses the treatment, BEMS may deny certification.
  • A TB test should not be performed on a person who has a documented history of either a prior positive TB test or prior treatment for tuberculosis. The applicant must instead have a CXR in accordance with current CDC guidelines and provide documentation of negative CXR results to the Bureau.
  • If the applicant has had prior treatment for active TB or LTBI, the applicant must provide documentation of this treatment prior to certification. Documentation of this treatment will be maintained by the Bureau, and needs only to be provided once. Each such case will be reviewed by the State EMS Medical Director.
  • Questions? Contact the Bureau of EMS at ems@utah.gov or 801-273-6666.

    Updated June 30, 2016