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AIS Treatment Codes

Following are the codes used for prehospital incident reporting of Treatment.

020Airway Inserted
040Assisted Ventillation
060Bleeding Controlled
080Blood Tubes Drawn
120Cervical Immobilization
180Endotracheal Intubation
200Esophageal Obturator Airway
220Extrication Equipment
240Heimlich Maneuver
250Intraosseous Infusion
280MAST Inflated
300MAST Not Inflated
320NG Tube
340OB Care
360Oxygen Mask
380Oxygen Cannula
400Pneumo Tube
420Spinal Immobilization
480Turned on Side
500No Treatment Given
520Vitals Assessed Monitored
540Vitals Unobtainable
550Other Assessment/Monitoring
560Other Treatments

Note: Treatments 550 and 560 were added to the list on May 5, 2006. Agencies using AIS can update their software to recocgnize the new treatment codes by logging into the AIS Incident System and choosing "Maintain Related Code Files."

Updated July 16, 2014