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Prehospital OnLine Active Reporting Information System (POLARIS) is Utah's prehospital data collection system that supports EMS agencies' efforts to comply with the data reporting requirement in Utah Administrative Rule R426-7. POLARIS is the successor to Automated Incident System (AIS), a DOS-based system that was used since the mid-1980s. POLARIS is a web-based system that will run on any computer with a web browser and an Internet connection.

EMS agencies may use POLARIS at no cost to submit their prehospital run reports, or they may use software from other vendors as long as it is NEMSIS compliant.

These pages provide the following resources to help EMS agencies, personnel, and vendors to use POLARIS:

  • Overview: Discusses the history of data collection efforts and the need for POLARIS; the data lifecycle (how the information submitted by EMS personnel is used by others); features and benefits of POLARIS; and system architecture. Also includes screenshots of POLARIS.
  • Development/Deployment: Presents timelines of past, present, and future development of the POLARIS system, including information about upcoming new features.
  • Dataset/Compliance: Outlines the NEMSIS dataset, which has been adopted by virtually all US states and territories. Outlines the national and Utah mandatory data elements. Defines Utah-specific extensions to the dataset. Describes vendor compliance requirements.
  • Support/Contact: Explains how to get help and support using POLARIS, including online help and tutorials, Bureau of EMS contacts, and Utah-ID (user account) contacts.
  • Updated July 16, 2014