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POLARIS User Manual

Download the POLARIS User Manual... (PDF)

User Training Sessions

User training sessions are designed for training individuals who will be using POLARIS. User training sessions walk participants through the process of creating a user account, obtaining access to POLARIS, completing patient care reports, and using other features of the system. Please contact the bureau to sign up for a training session or to schedule a session in your area.

Workshops and Conferences

The Bureau of EMS conducts workshops on a regular basis, covering specific features of POLARIS as well as general data analysis skills. Workshops are announced via the POLARIS Administrator e-mail list, which comprises all POLARIS users who have an administrative role within POLARIS or who are listed as the contact person in their EMS agency's NEMSIS demographic data.

The Bureau of EMS also conducts an annual data conference for EMS agencies, hospitals, billers, and software vendors who are involved with creating or using prehospital data. Prehospital Data Conference information...

Other Resources

The following resources may be helpful to you in using your prehospital data:


How to Provide Feedback

If you are already using POLARIS, the best way to provide feedback is to fill out a PCR and type your feedback in the "Survey" section on the last tab of the report. Feedback submitted this way is shared weekly with our developers and is tracked in our system. Many suggestions from users have been translated into work packages for our developers to complete.

You can also provide feedback about POLARIS by contacting the bureau via phone or e-mail. We can also schedule face-to-face meetings.

Utah-ID (User Account) Customer Support

If you have trouble setting up a user account or logging into POLARIS, you probably need help from Utah-ID customer support. Utah-ID customer support is available 24x7 at 801-538-3440 or toll-free 800-678-3440.

BEMS Customer Support

For support from the Bureau of EMS regarding POLARIS, please use the following e-mail address for the quickest response:


User support, training, technical support, and project management:
Shari Hunsaker, sharihunsaker@utah.gov, 801-273-6667
24x7 on-call for system problems:

Computer Placement/Grant Program

The bureau has purchased desktop and laptop computers for use with POLARIS or other NEMSIS-compliant prehospital reporting software. If your agency needs an additional computer in order to be able to comply with the prehospital data reporting requirements, please contact BEMS Customer Support (above). The laptop computers are intended to be used for real-time reporting over wireless connections.

Updated August 25, 2014