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Annual Grant Award Summary Report, FY2009

Total Competitive Awards: $1,299,082

CountyAgencyCompetitive Award
BeaverBeaver Ambulance$12,548
BeaverMilford Valley Memorial Hospital$15,285
Box ElderBox Elder Communications - DPS$4,500
Box ElderBox Elder County Ambulance$5,500
Box ElderBrigham City Ambulance$4,500
Box ElderCurlew Ambulance$5,090
Box ElderGarland City Fire/Rescue$4,200
Box ElderHoneyville Fire $8,001
Box ElderThatcher-Penrose Fire$6,438
Box ElderTremonton Fire$12,500
Box ElderWillard City Volunteer Fire$3,966
CacheCache Coounty EMS$24,020
CacheHyrum EMS$6,500
CacheLewiston First Responders$2,520
CacheLogan Regional Hospital$3,000
CacheMendon Fire and Rescue$2,000
CacheMillville/Nibley First Responders$5,800
CacheNewton First Responders$2,000
CacheNorth Logan Fire$5,835
CacheParadise First Responders$3,600
CacheSmithfield Fire and Rescue$5,060
CacheTrenton Fire and EMS$3,846
CacheWellsville First Responders$10,500
CarbonCarbon County Ambulance$38,026
CarbonPrice Communications - DPS$4,500
CarbonSunnyside City Ambulance$34,932
DaggettDaggett County Ambulance$5,500
DaggettDaggett County Sheriff$1,000
DavisClinton City Fire$14,900
DavisFarmington City Fire$11,855
DavisKaysville City Fire$6,395
DavisLayton City Fire$12,500
DavisNorth Davis Fire District$1,798
DavisSouth Davis Metro Fire$6,111
DavisSunset City Fire$7,817
DavisSyracuse Fire$3,770
DuchesneUintah Basin Medical Center$47,374
EmeryEmery County Ambulance$42,228
GarfieldGarfield Co. Ambulance$9,294
GrandGrand County EMS$36,312
IronCedar Communications - DPS$4,500
IronIron County Ambulance$43,750
JuabJuab County Ambulance$17,500
JuabLevan Ambulance$4,975
KaneKane County EMS$25,500
KaneKane County Sheriff$4,500
MillardMillard Co. Ambulance$17,650
MillardScipio Abmulance$4,950
MorganMorgan Ambulance$4,500
MorganMountain Green Fire District$3,250
PiutePiute County Ambulance$17,578
RichRich County Ambulance$5,908
Salt LakeIntermtn Med. Cntr.$2,500
Salt LakeMidvale City Fire$6,868
Salt LakeMurray City Fire $16,750
Salt LakeSalt Lake Communications - DPS$4,769
Salt LakeSandy City Fire$11,674
Salt LakeSouth Jordan Fire$8,100
Salt LakeWest Jordan Fire$12,000
San JuanSan Juan County EMS$10,821
SanpeteEphraim Ambulance$30,000
SanpeteGunnison Valley Ambulance$42,500
SanpeteManti Ambulance Association$5,807
SanpeteNorth Sanpete Ambulance$8,459
SevierRichfield Communications - DPS$4,500
SevierSevier County EMS$26,000
SummitPark City Fire District$24,746
SummitSouth Summit Fire Protection District$3,250
SummitSouth Summmit Ambulance$5,698
TooeleMountain West Ambulance$24,300
TooeleNorth Tooele Co. Fire District$15,964
TooeleTooele County Sheriff$4,500
TooeleWendover Ambulance$38,500
UintahDeseret Power$6,845
UintahGold Cross Ambulance Eastern$11,034
UintahUintah Basin Communications - DPS$4,500
UintahUintah County Sheriff$3,168
UtahAmerican Fork Fire and Rescue$7,500
UtahBrigham Young University EMS$948
UtahCedar Fort Fire$4,500
UtahEagle Mountain Fire$10,000
UtahElk Ridge Fire/EMS$4,183
UtahIntermountain Medical Center. - Orem$750
UtahLehi Fire Department$3,755
UtahMapleton Ambulance$4,500
UtahNorth Fork Fire$2,017
UtahOrem Department of Public Safety$5,168
UtahOrem Department of Public Safety - Dispatch$4,500
UtahPayson Ambulance$16,301
UtahPleasant Grove Fire$16,000
UtahProvo Fire and Rescue$6,355
UtahProvo Police$4,500
UtahSalem Emergency Medical Association$6,300
UtahSantaquin Ambulace$5,383
UtahSaratoga Springs Fire/EMS$7,355
UtahSpanish Fork Ambulance$7,358
UtahSpringville Dept. of Public Safety$4,500
UtahUtah County Sheriff$1,030
UtahUtah Valley Regional Med. Center$2,250
WasatchWasatch County Ambulance$15,330
WashingtonDixie Ambulance Service$21,200
WashingtonDixie Regional Hosp.$4,000
WashingtonEnterprise Ambulance$37,500
WashingtonHarmony Valley Fire$2,600
WashingtonHildale Fire$11,450
WashingtonHurricane Fire and Rescue$4,500
WashingtonIvins City Fire$2,000
WashingtonLeeds Area Fire$11,948
WashingtonRockville Springdale Fire District$16,949
WashingtonSanta Clara Fire$2,000
WashingtonSt. George City Fire$2,590
WashingtonSt. George City Police$6,300
WashingtonWashington City DPS - Fire$5,600
WayneWayne County EMS$41,150
WeberOgden City Fire$19,875
WeberPlain City Fire$2,545
WeberRiverdale Fire$4,500
WeberRoy City Fire$7,375
WeberSouth Ogden Fire$2,915
WeberWashington Terrace Fire$7,224
WeberWeber Area Dispatch$4,500
WeberWeber County Sheriff$8,505
WeberWeber Fire District$2,038
Updated July 16, 2014