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State EMS Committee, Subcommittees & Advisory Committees

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    State EMS Committee

    Committee Members and Contact Information

    Committee Meetings

    State EMS Committee meetings are generally held the second Wednesday of each quarter at 1:00 p.m. at the Utah Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, 3760 Highland Dr, Salt Lake City, Utah.


    The State EMS Committee has three subcommittees: Operations; Professional Development; and EMS Grants.

    EMS Grants Committee

    • Committee Chair: Ron Morris
    • Committee Members:
      • Joan Balcombe (Medical Advisor)
      • Myron Bateman (Health Director)
      • Nathan Curtis (Law Enforcement)
      • Steve Easterman (Nurse)
      • Ron Johnson (Paramedic)
      • Roger Marett (Hospital Administrator)
      • Don Marrelli (EMT)
      • Mike Mathieu (Fire Chief)
      • Ron Morris (Urban Provider)
      • Kathy Quarnberg (Dispatcher)
    • E-mail: ems-grants@utah.gov
    • Meetings:

    Operations Subcommittee

    • Committee Chair: Chad Tucker
    • Committee Members:
      • Rand Andrus (Fire-based EMS Agency)
      • Mark Bair (EMS Agency Medical Director)
      • Tracy Braithwaite (Fire-based EMS Agency)
      • Kade Blackburn (Rural EMS Agency)
      • Bill Butts (Air Medical Agency)
      • Chris DeLamare (Privately-owned EMS Agency)
      • Steve Easterman (Hospital Emergency Department)
      • Tawnya Hunt (Industrial/Corporate)
      • Ronald Johnson (Rural EMS Agency)
      • Brent Mabey (Physician with EMS Experience)
      • Debby Peterson (Urban EMS Dispatch Center)
      • Shelly Peterson (Rural EMS Dispatch Center)
      • Eric Swanson (Air Medical Agency)
      • Rodney "Hoss" Tomkinson (Fire-based EMS Agency)
      • Chad Tucker (Fire-based EMS Agency)
      • Marc West (Fire-based EMS Agency)
      • Garth White (Law Enforcement Agency)
      • Dennis Wyman (Agency Medical Director)
      • Vacant: Trauma Center
      • Vacant: Non-transporting Response Agency
    • E-mail: ems-ops@utah.gov
    • Meetings: See below

    Professional Development Subcommittee

    • Committee Chair: Mark Oraskovich, M.D.
    • Committee Members:
      • Kathleen Adelgais, M.D. (Physician)
      • Shanna Alger (EMS Education)
      • Neil Coker (EMT-Basic)
      • Jeff Davis (EMT-Intermediate)
      • Jay Downs (Training Officer)
      • Dave Fluckiger (Air Medical)
      • Eric Hales (Paramedic)
      • Dorrell Henderson (EMT-Basic)
      • Carol Huff (Dispatchers)
      • Marlon Jones (Paramedic)
      • Jack Meersman (Training Officer)
      • Kirk Middaugh (Public Safety)
      • John Miller (Paramedic)
      • Gennie Mulqueen (Nurse (ENA))
      • Mark Oraskovich, M.D. (Agency Medical Director)
      • Nathan Pennington (Course Coordinator)
      • Debby Peterson (Dispatchers)
      • Kim Rowland, M.D. (Agency Medical Director)
      • Dana Shaw (Course Coordinator)
      • Marty Wilson (EMT-Intermediate)
    • E-mail: ems-training@utah.gov
    • Meetings: See below

    Operations and Professional Development Subcommittee Meetings

    The Operations and Professional Development subcommittees generally both meet on the second Wednesday of the month after the EMS Committee meeting, Professional Development at 10:00 a.m. and Operations at 1:00 p.m., at the Utah Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, 3760 Highland Dr, Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Advisory Committees

    Emergency Medical Services for Children Advisory Committee

    • Committee Members:
      • Sharon Chow (Pediatric Hospital Trauma Manager)
      • Chuck Cruz (EMSC Pediatric Nurse)
      • Tia Dalrymple (EMSC Clinical Consultant)
      • Shauna Hatton-ward (Family Representative)
      • Craig Hemmingway (NEDARC)
      • Andrea Hofheins (Emergency Air Transport)
      • Robert Jex (State EMS Trauma Manager)
      • Hallie Keller (EMSC Medical Director)
      • Joshua Legler (State EMS Data Manager)
      • Whitney Levano (EMSC Program Manager)
      • Mauricio Melendez (Family Representative)
      • Doug Morgan (Emergency Air Transport)
      • Linda Neiswender (Nurse Practitioner)
      • Chuck Norlin, M.D. (Pediatrician)
      • Andy Ostler (EMSC Course Coordinator)
      • Paul Patrick (State EMS Bureau Director)
      • Carolyn Reynolds (Hospital Pediatric Educator)
      • Kristy Rigby (Highway Safety)
      • Ruth Seed (Emergency Nurse, ENA)
      • Peter Taillac, M.D. (State EMS Medical Director)
      • Jim Taliaferro (Children with Special Health Care Needs)
      • Richard Thomas (Pharmacist)
      • Amy Trujillo (Practicing EMS Provider)
      • Jolene Whitney (State EMS Trauma Director)
    • E-mail: emsc@utah.gov
    • Meetings:
      • March 23, 2011
      • June 30, 2011
      • November 17, 2011
      • February 16, 2012
      • July 10, 2012
      • December 7, 2012
      • February 25, 2013

    Trauma System Advisory Committee

    • Committee Chair: Don VanBorman, MD (Trauma Surgeon)
    • Committee Members:
      • Craig Cook, MD, Vice Chair (Level II Trauma Surgeon)
      • Holly Burke, RN (EMS Liaison)
      • Nancy Chartier, RN (ED Manager)
      • Craig Cook, MD (Level II Trauma Surgeon)
      • Mark Dalley (UHA member, rural)
      • Hilary Hewes, MD (Pediatric MD)
      • Jason Larson, MD (EMS Medical Director)
      • Clay Mann, PhD (Ex Officio)
      • Marc Sanderson (Urban Provider)
      • Stephen Morris, MD (Surgeon)
      • Karen Glauser, RN (Rural Trauma Coordinator)
      • Deanna Wolfe, RN (Trauma Center Administrator)
      • Mark Thompson (Rural Provider)
    • E-mail: ems-tsac@utah.gov
    • Meetings:
    Updated April 22, 2014