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Recertification Practical Testing and Training Agencies

Only documented designated or alternate Training Officers from current licensed, designated, or recertification testing and training agencies are eligible to perform the functions of a Training Officer. Additionally, if you are not the designated or alternate Training Officer for one of these agencies, you will not have online access to the current recertification practical proctor manuals or the recertification practical test scheduling. If your agency does not respond to public 911 calls, it is most likely not licensed or designated. This includes most ski patrols, training organizations, industrial EMS, etc. In such case your agency may need to complete the Application for Recertification Testing and Training Authorization.

Even if your agency currently has a copy of the recertification tests and you are conducting CME, if your agency is not licenced or designated, you will need to complete this application to be authorized to continue future recertification testing and training. As of July 1, 2010, BEMS will only accept recertification paperwork from licenced, designated, and authorized recertification testing and training agencies.

Questions? Contact Cindy Huish at chuish@utah.gov or 801-273-6629.

Updated July 16, 2014