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STEMI System

A Systematic Approach to STEMI Treatment

ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) is a time-critical illness, and immediate recognition and treatment are critical to optimal patient outcomes. Many cities and regions across the country have developed formal systems to facilitate the care of these patients. Since 2009, the Utah Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Preparedness (BEMS) and the Utah Hospital and Healthcare Systems Association (UHA) have partnered to develop such a system for Utah. The Bureau of EMS and Preparedness has enlisted the expertise of a broad range of experts in emergency cardiac care representing all of the hospital systems statewide. This group includes service-line administrators, cardiologists, emergency physicians, EMS personnel, and the American Heart Association. The goal is to utilize nationally accepted best practices to develop a system designed to speed the recognition and treatment of STEMI patients who activate the EMS system.

STEMI/PCI Centers have agreed to an integrated and standardized system of STEMI care linking EMS, emergency departments, and cardiac catherization laboratories. This will enable them to work as a coordinated team to insure that STEMI patients are rapidly identified in the field and transported to a facility best prepared to treat them, preferably a facility that can provide definitive percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).

STEMI System Resources

Questions? Contact Robert Jex, rfjex@utah.gov or 801-273-4161.

Updated July 16, 2014