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The Purpose of theUtah National Toxic Substances Incidents Program (NTSIP) is to collect and analyze data related to releases of toxic substances. Utah NTSIP characterizes toxic substance releases occurring in the State of Utah to reduce the number of incidents and to assist first responders and Local Emergency Planning Committees in planning their activities. NTSIP data provides needed information to create prevention activities, which can decrease injury and death as a result of a toxic substance incident. Knowing what kinds of toxic substances commonly exist in Utah, how and where they are released, and the effects they have on employees, responders, and the general public will create opportunities for improved policies, procedures, and training for a cleaner, safer environment.

In 2009, the Hazardous Substances Emergency Events Surveillance (HSEES) Program ended and was replaced by NTSIP. This change reflects a more comprehensive approach to reducing risks from toxic substances.


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