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Bureau of Epidemiology

Environmental Epidemiology Program

Midvale Slag



The 446-acre Midvale Slag Superfund Site is located 12 miles south of Salt Lake City in Midvale City, with a small portion extending into Murray City. The site is a former smelting facility that processed copper and lead ores from Bingham Canyon and toher mines. Five separate smelters were located on or near the site from 1906 to 1958. An adjacent mill continued operating until 1971.

Investigations at the site showed groundwater and soils contaminated with heavy metals. In 1991, the US Envrionmental Protection Agency (EPA), listed the Midvale Slag Superfund Site on the National Priorities List (NPL), commonly known as the list of Superfund sites. Under the superfund program, contamination that poses a current or future threat to human health or the environement is cleaned up.

A Health Consultation (HC) was conducted for the smelter site and surrounding area. The HC was completed in 1993.