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Family Health History Toolkit

Use the Family Health History Toolkit to help you talk about your family health history, write down what you learn, and then share it with your doctor and family members.

Please note that due to loss of funding, we are unable to provide printed copies of the toolkits.

Family Health History Toolkit pdf (Includes all fact sheets listed below.)

New! Spanish Family Health History Toolkit

Senior-friendly Toolkit pdf (Adapted for use by older adults. Includes all fact sheets listed below.)

Health Family Tree tool pdf (Make copies of this box for each member of your family to keep a record of their health history.)

  • Poster (11x17 inch pdf) - includes information on how to order a Family Health History Toolkit

Tell Us Your Story!

After using the Family Health History Toolkit, tell us how your experience went! We want to hear how your family health history has impacted you and share your story with other families. Read more...

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"The family tree has
become the most
important genetic test
of all. The more you
know, the more tools
you have to practice preventive medicine."

Washington Post
February 26, 2002