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The Chronic Disease Genomics Program is located at the Utah Department of Health in the Bureau of Health Promotion. The program received a five-year cooperative agreement from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in July 2003 to develop infrastructure and leadership capacity to integrate genomics into public health, with a focus on chronic disease. In September 2008, the Genomics Program was dissolved due to lack of funding.

The goals of the program are to:

  1. Create an infrastructure to integrate genomics into public health practice

  2. Develop community and public health leadership in genomics and chronic disease

  3. Integrate genomics information into existing data collection systems

  4. Educate public health professionals, health care providers, policymakers, and the public about the role of genomics in health

  5. Develop and assess family history interventions

Success Stories Booklet - compilation of successful projects completed by the Genomics Program during the past 5 years.

Utah Genomics Plan - This plan is a combination of the activities the Family Health History Taskforce would like to accomplish in addition to the goals developed by the Chronic Disease Genomics Standing Committee.

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"There are exciting
things going on right
now in public health. Certainly, genomics is
going to have a
profound impact on the public health practice
of the future."

Dr. Julie Gerberding,
CDC Director 2002