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Family Health History Taskforce

Vision: Family Health History - Utah's Way!

The Family Health History Taskforce is comprised of stakeholders from around Utah who are interested in promoting family health history. Anyone who wants to join is welcome!

Members represent consumers, genealogists, genetic researchers, academia, public health professionals, genetic counselors, private business owners, scouting, clinicians, and health plans.

Meeting Minutes

Utah Genomics Plan - This plan is a combination of the activities the Family Health History Taskforce would like to accomplish in addition to the goals developed by the Chronic Disease Genomics Standing Committee.


Public Awareness Committee

Meeting Minutes


Clinical Applications Committee

Meeting Minutes:


Methodology and Research Committee

Meeting Minutes


Policy and Ethical Issues Committee

No meetings will be held until workplan is finalized and the other three committees have begun implementation of their activities.


"For clinical medicine, pharmacogenomics holds promise of individualized drug treatment. For
public health, the
promise is targeted
disease prevention."

CDC Office of
Genomics and Disease Prevention