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Click on the links below for more information on appropriate workgroup meetings and activities.

Utah Genetics Advisory Committee - The GAC provides recommendations to the Utah Department of Health on genetics-related issues.

Chronic Disease Standing Committee - The Standing Committee provides recommendations to the Utah Genetics Advisory Committe regarding genomic issues and chronic disease.

Family Health History Taskforce - The Family Health History Taskforce is comprised of stakeholders from around Utah who are interested in promoting family health history. Anyone who wants to join is welcome!

Utah Department of Health Genomics Workgroup - This is an internal workgroup of Utah Department of Health staff interested in genomics. Currently the workgroup is not meeting.


"Genetic research is information, and information presents opportunity - opportunity to learn more about the interaction of genes and environment in all diseases. Opportunity to examine and address the ethical, legal, and social issues. Right now, today, we have the opportunity
to shape public health policy, the opportunity to prevent disease and improve health. Explore the possibilities; find your own opportunities."

CDC Office of
Genomics and Disease Prevention