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Welcome to Governance Committee

UDOH grant developers enter basic information about a proposed or renewal grant into the system per UDOH policy. Once a grant is entered the Governance Committee then views this information and adds decision as per UDOH policy.

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Governance Meetings

Governance meeting Agendas and Minutes, most recent at the top:

Governance Members

Current Members:

Brady Bradford, Brian Hatch, Heather Borski, Janae Duncan, Jeff Coombs, Jordan Mathis, Michelle Hofmann, Tracy Gruber

About Governance Committee

During the 2009 General Session, SB 21 was passed which modifies provisions relating to the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) and local health department (LHDs) responsibilities. Governor Huntsman signed this into law on March 23, 2009. more

This bill modifies responsibilities of the UDOH and LHDs with respect to their interrelationship; requires the UDOH to establish a committee consisting of department and LHDs representatives; provides for the responsibilities of the committee; provides a process for processing applications for federal grants and establishing the goals and budget for federal grants; and allows the UDOH to use federal grant money to pay certain administrative costs.

If you have any question or comments that you would like to share with us, do not hesitate to contact us.