About Us:


The American Indian/Alaska Native Initiatives is located in the Division of Family Health & Preparedness, Director's Office at the Highland Drive Building, Salt Lake City, UT.  It is staffed by the Indian Health Liaison ( mzito@utah.gov ) or 801-273-6644.  The mission of the initiative is to raise the health status of Utah's American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) population to that of Utah's general population. 
We can accomplish this through the following:

  • Develop strategies and policy to achieve the established health priority of improving Indian Health in Utah,
  • Facilitate working relationships between the Utah Department of Health (UDOH), Tribal health programs, local health departments, other state agencies and private provider sectors,
  • Work with state, tribal and federal agencies on policy reform,

  • Provide education, training and technical assistance to those tribes and UDOH divisions and programs, who request it,
  • Assure the availability of UDOH programs for Indian citizens on or off the reservation,

  • Active facilitation and involvement with the Utah Indian Health Advisory Board (UIHAB), and facilitate the consultation process.