Federal Policies:

Utah Department of Health Tribal Consultation Policy:

The UDOH has a very effective and efficient model it utilizes to work with American Indian/Alaska Native tribal governments. The foundation that is so critical to this model is the Utah Department of Health and Federally Recognized Tribes of Utah Tribal Consultation Policy. This policy was developed by the UIHAB, in partnership with the UDOH Indian Health, and presented to each of Utah's tribal governments and Urban Indian Organization for their review and recommendations. This policy is the framework for how business is conducted between the UDOH as a state agency and each of the tribal governments. It is signed by ALL seven tribal governments, the Urban Indian Organization, the ED for the UDOH and the Governor of Utah. For more information regarding the model or the policy specifically, please contact the Indian Health Liaison 801-273-6644 or

UDOH Tribal Consultation Policy