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Welcome to Utah's Child Care Licensing!

Vision: Access to safe, healthy child care for Utah families.

Mission:To support the child care community by protecting the health and safety of children in child care programs we oversee. This is accomplished by:

  • Establishing, monitoring, and assessing health and safety standards;
  • Training, guiding, and supporting providers in meeting the established standards; and
  • Providing the public with accurate information about child care standards, processes, and provider compliance history.



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Consolidation Role Changes

Cambios en los Roles de Consolidación

We are pleased to announce Child Care Licensing is now part of the newly consolidated Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Carmen Richins, who has been serving as the Office of Background Processing Director, is now the Interim Director of the Division of Licensing & Background Checks, and Simon Bolivar is the Director of the Office of Licensing under that division.
Nos complace anunciar que Licencias de Cuidado Infantil (CCL) ahora forma parte del recientemente consolidado Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos (DHHS). Carmen Richins, quien ha servido como Directora de la Oficina de Procesamiento de Antecedentes, ahora es la Directora Provisional de la División de Licencias y Verificación de Antecedentes, y Simón Bolívar es el Director de la Oficina de Licencias de esa división.

2022 Compliance Grant

We received a lot of applications for the 2022 Compliance Grant and hope to have notifications out by the end of September. Final decisions have not yet been made and contacting CCL staff may delay that decision making process. We thank everyone for their patience.
This grant will not be retroactive. Providers may not make any purchases or begin any installations until the contract is fully executed. (The contract is fully executed when both parties have signed and dated the contract.)
Providers who are awarded a grant may receive an email from a State of Utah employee requesting they complete a registration in PaymentWorks. This is a legitimate email and failure to complete this registration will result in the grant being cancelled.

Fingerprint Form

The fingerprint form is now generated through the provider's Child Care Licensing Portal. A "Download Fingerprint Form" button will appear after a background check form is authorized. When fingerprints are required for the covered individual, the person who authorized the background check form is to click that button, print the downloaded form, and give the form to the individual to hand to the techician capturing their fingerprints.

Checking IDs

During inspections, licensors will ask to see a government-issued photo ID (or a copy of that ID) for each covered individual. This is to verify the identity of the covered individual and to ensure all covered individuals passed the background check.


Covid-19 Child Care Manual (01/2022)

CCL Phase 4 Emergency Conditions Provider Letter (11/2020)

Disinfection letter from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (11/2020)

From Surviving to Thriving - Creating a Way Forward in Challenging Times (a free video series) (08/2020)

CCL Phase 3 Emergency Conditions Provider Letter (05/2020)

CCL Phase 2 Emergency Conditions Provider Letter (04/2020)

Child Care Provider Bill of Rights (05/2020)

CCL Phase 1 Emergency Conditions Provider Letter (03/2020)

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