Office of Maternal and Child Health

Our mission is to improve the health of Utah’s mothers, children and families.

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Office of Maternal and Child Health

Office of Maternal and Child Health is embedded in the Family Health Division of Utah State Health and Human Services Department

The Office of Maternal and Child Health supports the Utah Department of Health and Human Service’s mission to reduce illness, disability, and death among women of childbearing ages, children, and youth in the State. The Office identifies health concerns, prioritizes strategies to address needs, develops programs, coordinates efforts, and develops resources to address health issues for mothers and children

The Office is responsible for implementation and oversight of two federal program requirements: the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Maternal and Child Health Block Grant (Title V) and the United States Department of Agriculture WIC Program.

Data are collected annually for the required federal measures in order for the Office to evaluate its progress towards improving the health of Utah's mothers and children.

In addition, the Office is accountable each year for approximately eight performance measures, (select "Utah") and 22 outcome measures (Select "Utah") as outlined by the Federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau.

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List of current publications and papers conducted by programs within MCH.

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