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Become an Informed Health Care Consumer

Questions Are The Answer: Get More Involved in Your Health Care
Improving health care quality is a team effort. You can improve your care and the care of your loved ones by taking an active role in your health care. Ask questions. Understand your condition. Evaluate your options.

Be An Active Healthcare Consumer: Organizations are working hard to reduce medical errors and make health care safer for everyone. This website contains materials that will help patients choose wisely when it comes to making medical decisions.

Take Responsibility for Your Health

Be proactive in your family’s health care. Don’t wait until you have a medical emergency to learn about your health plan coverage.

Be Knowledgeable

Know your personal and family medical history. Know your rights and responsibilities as a patient. Know the rules of your insurance plan before you use medical services.

Be Informed

Learn about your own and your family’s illnesses. Find out about the latest treatments and alternatives to surgery. Consider yourself a partner in your care and treatment.

Speak Up

No one knows more about you than you do! Tell your doctor about your symptoms and what you think may be causing them. Ask what types of treatments are available and why your health care professionals are suggesting one treatment rather than another.

Ask Questions

Be informed about your alternatives. Have questions ready ahead of time to ask your doctor, health plan representative, or facility personnel.

Avoid Unnecessary Treatment

Your doctor’s decisions about your care can account for as much as three-quarters of your medical bills. Save time and money by seeking the best treatment for your needs. Reduce unforeseen costs by choosing the most appropriate insurance plans for you and your family and using providers within your health plan when possible.

Please be aware that information in this report is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider and ask questions prior to starting any new treatment.

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