2009 Health Plan Performance Report for Utah Commercial HMOs and Medicaid & CHIP Health Plans, Performance Measures (HEDIS)
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To determine how HMOs in Utah are performing compared to other HMOs in the nation, State averages are compared with National averages.

  • Commercial HMOs had the most room for improvement, scoring above the national average on only 30% of the measures reported. Commercial HMOs have room for improvement in cancer screenings (colorectal, breast, and cervical).
  • CHIP did reasonably well when compared to the national averages, exceeding the national averages on 50% of the measures reported. CHIP excelled in both childhood immunizations and appropriate treatment for children with an upper respiratory infection.
  • Medicaid HMOs scored above the national averages on over 60% of the measures reported. While Medicaid HMOs did excel in some areas including adult’s access to preventive services, they also have areas that need improvement, such as Chlamydia screening in women.
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