Utah Hospital Consumer Satisfaction Report<
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HCAHPS Question Answer National Average State Average
How often was the area around patients rooms kept quiet at night? Always quiet at night 57.0 55.9
How often did staff explain about medicines before giving them to patients? Staff always explained 59.0 58.4
How often did patients receive help quickly from hospital staff? Patients always received help as soon as they wanted 63.0 63.8
How do patients rate the hospital overall? Patients who gave a rating of 9 or 10 (high) 65.0 65.9
How often was patients pain well controlled? Pain was always well controlled 68.0 68.6
Would patients recommend the hospital to friends and family? YES, patients would definitely recommend the hospital 68.0 71.1
How often were the patients rooms and bathrooms kept clean? Room was always clean 70.0 70.6
How often did nurses communicate well with patients? Nurses always communicated well 75.0 73.1
How often did doctors communicate well with patients? Doctors always communicated well 80.0 81.1
Were patients given information about what to do during their recovery at home? Yes, staff did give patients this information 81.0 83.2